[Amazon Kindle] Thailand Diaries - Trilogie

[Amazon Kindle] Thailand Diaries - Trilogie

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Thailand Diaries - Volume 1 - 15 Weeks


If you are seriously thinking about living in Thailand you need to read James King’s THAILAND DIARIES starting with 15WEEKS.

Witty, informative, often deliciously ‘tongue-in-cheek’ and full of typically British humour, is a must read for travellers, would be ex-pats and those who just enjoy humorous light reading.
Jun and Sep 2008 James King stayed for fifteen weeks on the tropical
island of Phuket where he formed his first impressions of Thailand. He
learned a little of what it would be like to live in Thailand
permanently and he diarised his activities, observations and some
unusual incidents which took place during his 15 week sojourn.
arrival he had no intention of settling in Thailand permanently but when
he gleaned valuable information about the Country and its people he
changed his mind.
The Author recognises that many aspects of 15 WEEKS
apply equally to women as they do to men even though he writes from a
male point of view.

Thailand Diaries - Volume 2 - Driving Thailand


Witty, informative
and full of typically British humour, ‘Driving Thailand’ is an excellent
overview of Thailand’s different regions. Highly recommended for
travellers, would be ex-pats and those who enjoy light reading. In this
second volume of his Thailand Diaries the author takes the reader on a
conducted tour of the South, Central, North-East and North of Thailand.
Thailand is split into four distinct regions; North (bordering Myanmar
and Laos), North-East (bordering Laos and Cambodia), Central and South
(bordering Malaysia). Then you have the myriad islands in the Gulf of
Thailand and off the West coast in the Andaman Sea. The author
highlights the differences in the history, environment, dialect,
attitude and culture in a most engaging and conversational way.

Thailand Diaries - Volume 3 - Thailand in perspective


Written with insight and humour the author pulls no punches and presents
Thailand exactly as seen through his eyes after experiencing spells
living in the North, South and North-East since 2008. Although this is
not a travel book in the accepted sense it can easily be categorised as
such. It is more a critical memoir of the author’s observations of the
peoples and culture of Thailand; a Country, monopolised by superstition,
ancient cultural values and old religious beliefs, struggling to come
to terms with modernity and the 21st century; people who have, as yet,
travelled little.
The author presents his views objectively
although, in setting out the ‘pros and cons’ of life in and the
mysteries of Thailand, some of his arguments may be viewed as polemic,
which he says ‘was absolutely intentional’. He believes there should be,
and usually is, a balance to be found in every society and that most
cultures and religions may have syncretic elements to their beliefs, to a
greater or lesser degree. He believes we are all ostensibly the same if
we look behind the mask.

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