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[Bundle] [5,99€] Industrie Gigant 1+2 / Hotel Gigant 1+2 / Traffic Gigant / Transport Gigant [GOG]

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PVG: 8,72€
System: Windows (7, 8, 10, 11)
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Beschreibung / Inhalt / GIANT - BUNDLE
Hotel Giant Become the ultimate hotel-mogul! You now have the chance to prove your managerial and planning skills in the hotel industry. Keep paying guests happy and success will be the reward. From a small, family-owned bed-and-breakfast to a large, secluded megahotel for the stars, the hotels that you can manage come in all shapes and styles.
Hotel Giant 2 Following its international success, Hotel Giant is back and bigger than ever. In Hotel Giant 2 you will create the hotel of your dreams and manage prestigious locations around the world. Your goal is to attract as many guests as possible and make sure they are satisfied throughout their stay.
Industry Giant See what you can do in the toy and sports goods industry. Earn your money from jewelry and furniture. And be prepared for the challenges of the emerging computer age. The automobile and electronics industries will make demands on your organizational skills. What is the competition up to? Are they starting to become a nuisance? Then buy them out so that no one will be able to stop you on your path to success!
Industry Giant 2 In Industry Giant 2 like its predecessor you start from humble beginnings to industry billionaire in this simulation, you will guide a company’s development, right from its beginnings to – with any luck – an industrial giant. You control every aspect of an expanding business – building factories, developing products, paying wages, pricing in retail outlets, even operating the transport network.
Traffic Giant Traffic Giant is an amazing simulation game that brings public transport on the right track. You control an entire fleet of buses, trams, underground trains, and many more. You experience realistically functioning city traffic with thousands of vehicles and pedestrians. You can ask each inhabitant what he or she thinks and feels.
Transport Giant It's the year 1850 - The world is changing. A new era of mass production and mass transportation has begun. For a smart businessman there are many opportunities. With a little money and good ideas you can establish a business empire. There are new companies founded on every corner. The world is in need of all kinds of goods and the growth of cities is increasing dramatically. But how do the goods get to the customer?
Languages, features and system requirements may vary between games - please check product pages for details.

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  1. chris2401's Profilbild
    Industrie Gigant hab ich früher gesuchtet. Das war so cool damals. Ist leider sehr sehr schlecht gealtert.
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    Ich habe es damals nicht gespielt und überelge, ob ich das jetzt nachholen soll.
    Ich hätte natürlich alternativ auch noch Rise of Industry in meinem Epic-konto...
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    Transport Gigant
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    ElbowDrop Autor*in
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