Deezer Family Account Alternative gekündigtem zu Russland?

eingestellt am 4. Mär 2022
zur nächsten Zahlung kündigt Deezer alle russischen Accounts. Ich dürfte ja nicht der einzige sein, der den günstigsten Account via Russland nutzt. Alternative für Family Account wo günstig?

Am 4. März 2022 19:03:52 schrieb Deezer :

Important announcement
Dear user, we are saddened to inform you, that due to the current economic sanctions imposed on Russia, we are unable to continue operating our service in your region. Your will continue to have access to Deezer until the end of your current billing cycle, and once that ends, we will not renew your subscription and your access to Deezer will end.
This has been a very hard decision as we have been available in Russia for many years and we do not want to penalize our customers, many of whom have been loyal to Deezer for a long time.
We thank you for your support so far and hope that you've enjoyed the Deezer Premium experience and superior sound quality during your time using our service. If we are able to resume our services in Russia, we'll let you know.
We appreciate your understanding,
The Deezer Team

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